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Xianyang Normal College held friction material development report

March 17, 2008, Department of Chemistry, Xianyang Normal College lecture series organized in the first report, were invited Wang, chairman of friction material development report.
Wang first introduced the friction material relevant professional terms, and then on the friction material industries in the national economy's important position and role, China's industrial friction material development, the international and domestic automobile industry development trends, industrial friction materials market demand, industry conditions, industry professionals demand situation, gave a special lecture. He also introduced the association will Xianyang Normal College in the Department of Chemistry, Friction Materials professional setting up scholarships for the purpose. Setting up scholarships purpose is to better train our industrial friction materials senior professional and technical personnel, to encourage and inspire everyone quickly become the industry development. He stressed in particular: Over the past two years, development of the industry at an alarming rate, trades extreme scarcity of professional and technical personnel, the nation's first industry-wide friction material with the students desire and expectation. Students into the specialized study, the associations will be obliged to employ College in terms of top international experts. Friction also not targeted at the professional teaching materials, the association is organizing experts Ganxie teaching materials, teaching materials after the publication of the Association promised to each student a free gift. Finally, he encouraged all the students here to complete their studies, in certain fields, professional type military talented personnel to be done, will be in foreign languages, and mastering computer and more comprehensive development of the field of outstanding students, after graduation to serve the industry and serve the motherland. Report by the teachers and students here for the warm welcome.