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10th China Friction & Sealing Material Conference


    China Association of friction materials will be sealed in May 2008, 28-30 in Tianjin Guozhanzhongxin hosting the 10th international friction sealing material and technological exchanges and product exhibits.
Over the same period will be held at the centre, "the first international auto parts patent new products and technological exchanges and exhibitions" and "China (Tianjin) International Automotive Technology and Equipment Exhibition."
   1 the contents of the exchange technology
   (1) auto industry development trend reports;
   (2) the international car and motorcycle parts market trend reports;
   (3) friction at home and abroad, sealing materials industry trends;
   (4) auto parts patented products, new products, special reports;
   (5) friction sealing materials industry of new technologies, new products, new equipment, new technology academic report;
   (6) the development of related industries;
   (7) buyers of commodity quality and meet the requirements of international trade.
   2. the content of the exhibition talks
   (1) Availability display products and technological achievements;
   (2) the procurement of goods display;
   (3) technical cooperation, technology transfer, commission processing, agency negotiation;
   (4) trade negotiations.