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Cylinder Head Gasket

  Joint junk head and cylinder body, seal mobile oil, cooling fluid and cylinder interior gas, and emit heat produced in cylinder body through junk head. This is the toughest part for engine sealing, According to different materials, there are Metal-compounded-rubber-sheet (MCR) type, Steel-frame-jointing-sheet type and Pure-metal type.

Motorcycle cylinder head gasket
Metal-compounded-rubber-sheet (MCR) type cylinder head gasket
  Cut metal compounded rubber sheet (MCR) according to tight surface, process it into wave shape composed by single layer or multiple layers, and realize sealing effect through wavy surface rubber. Limber waviness has favorable floating effect and vibration character, and can to a large extent reduce, even eliminate, torsion decrease of cylinder head bolt. It has better mechanical property, chemical resistance and longer sealing effect.
Steel-frame-jointing-sheet type cylinder head gaskets
  Punch the Steel-frame jointing sheet, wrap the brim of center bore with thin metal protection sheet, and flatten it or send it to second sealing line processing. Suitable for sealing of cylinder body with a relative coarse sealing surface and high demand for noise reduction.
Pure-metal type cylinder gasket
  Select different metal backing materials, punch and shape it according to cylinder sealing shape. Backing materials include copper, aluminum and stainless steel.
Automobile cylinder head gasket